The Only Bird – CP Part 2

I was falling. No. I was moving forward, flying. Everything was dark, then light, and dark again. Flashes of colour strobed like a disco in my mind, I was numb, but I could hear people laughing. They were saying my name, laughing again, saying something about drooling. I puzzled, where was I? Why couldn’t I […]

White Line – CP Part 1

Our time at DHI was over. We had been there so long but barely touched the many things to do there. It had been a blast, certainly the best place we’ve been from around Australia, but now, it was time to continue with our seemingly endless trip around Australia. On our travels, we managed over […]

The Splash – DHI Part 7

The cliffs were an adventure. Tall and terrifying, but once I got over my fear, they weren’t that bad. I found the trip surprisingly fun, but a small knot of residual height-fear sat in my chest, so for a change we spent a day at the homestead. We were blasted awake in the early morning, […]

Commenting On My Blog

So, for the #16stubc week 1 activity, we were asked to Make a set of commenting guidelines along with a page that shows how to comment on my specific blog. (Some blogs have different methods). (I have not posted a week 1 activity because in week 1 we were required to write an about page but I […]

Where Next?

Lately, I have not been posting often. Once a week was about it, and it was all about one place from our family’s travels. I am thinking of shortening my posts, so I can get posts out more often. Please reply if you agree. I will also hopefully start writing about more than just my […]

Another Poem

This one was also done at the Young Writers Program in Geraldton which I mentioned in the last poetry post. For this one we were given another ‘recipe’, this time the poem was about your best friend. The formula was: What kind of dance is your friend? Season? Holiday? And what he means to you. […]


On Thursday, the 13th of October, Young Writers was on. Young Writers is a four day program held in Geraldton WA. It invites any one from the years 6-12 who are interested in writing, to come to Geraldton to spend a day learning from an Australian author about writing. This Thursday was the last session […]

Turtle Bay – DHI Part 4

Our seemingly endless trip finally came to an end. Hours of driving only to travel about 40km was not what we expected. Though the drive may have sounded boring and uninteresting, the scenery it brought us to was a beautiful view. We went sand boarding on massive dunes, saw windflowers, goannas (forgot to mention that […]

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