Where Next?

Lately, I have not been posting often. Once a week was about it, and it was all about one place from our family’s travels. I am thinking of shortening my posts, so I can get posts out more often. Please reply if you agree.

I will also hopefully start writing about more than just my travels, but also holidays and fun experiences, and other things that could be worth writing about.

The next place I am planning to write about will be at the Snowy Mountains in Victoria. Many people may have seen the film, ‘The Man From Snowy River’, an iconic Australian film based there. The snowy mountains will probably include posts about Mount Kosciusko and our ‘extremely’ cold experience.

Of course we didn’t go straight from Dirk Hartog Island to the Snowy Mountains, there were a lot of destinations in between. But for blogging sake, I’m going to be writing in order from my favourite or the most interesting places, to least favourite (but hopefully still interesting.)

I have an about page A Little About My Blog, A Little Bit About Me…¬†where if you scroll right down to the bottom, there is a list of the most interesting places that I can remember from our travels around Australia. If you like, feel free to comment and request a place for me to write about next. Comment anywhere on any post.

(Still more DHI posts to come, I’m just having trouble getting around to them at the moment.)

2 thoughts on “Where Next?

  1. Hi Tom, it’s Jack. I liked your about me page (I couldn’t comment on it so I’m going to comment on this post). I also loved The Man From Snowy River. It’s one of my all time favourite movies. And, I see that you also like EDM. It really should be more popular, in my opinion. I like trap, dubstep (heavy insane bass) but mostly HDE (Hard Dance Electro). I recommend:
    F.O.O.L- Feelings(Let’s Be Friends Remix) and PON3- Junkrat Theme. For insane heavy bass dubstep, I recommend this:
    Spag Heddy and Anna Yvette- Hide. The first time you listen to it, it might give you a headache. Just a warning, the bass is crazy. And, I have to agree, playing soccer with rocket cars is amazing : ). Anyway, it’s been fun reading about your travels around Australia. Also, on a scale of 1-10, how many Australian stereotypes are true? Do you really have “Lollies” and “The Outback”? It’d be cool to know.

    Thanks, Jack.

    1. Hi Jack, thanks for the comment. I’m glad to see someone, outside of Australia that enjoys Australian movies, I haven’t seen many before. Ill also check out those songs that you recommended. I think my new favorite song is Don’t Stop The Party by Drunk Girl .ft Deanna.
      Do you play rocket league? or any other video games?
      Yes we do have ‘lollies’, it is the Australian term for ‘candy’ which about 98% of the population use. And the ‘outback,’ not many people use, its more of a term someone uses in front of someone from another country to make the stereotype last. A lot of stereotypes were ether created by Australians in front of someone from another country just for fun. I’m not sure if you know of this one but ‘drop bears’ became something many Americans believed in. Someone made up that there were bears in the trees that dropped down on peoples heads and started attacking them, really its just the cuddly and harmless koalas that live in forest areas. Most of the stereotypes are not true, like when people thought we rode kangaroos to school, yeah right. Even if we wanted to it would usually be too dangerous to get near one. I’d say, about 1/10 (or less) stereotypes are true, there’s really that meany that if you were to name them all, you’d have enough for a large assignment.

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