A Bit About My Blog, A Bit About Me…

My name is Thomas, I am a student at Kalbarri District High School. Here I will give you a few facts about my life and future plans for this blog of mine.

So lets get straight into it…


  • When I was eight my family sold our house and used the money to buy a second hand ‘Windsor Rapid’ caravan. We threw all we had left into the caravan and stuck it on the back of our ‘Ford Ranger’. This was when my life changed completely, from an ordinary home schooled kid to a nomad chasing the sun.

We lived in our caravan for almost two years, forgetting what it felt to live in a house we got used to living, sleeping, cooking and eating all in the same room, crammed next to each other. You may expect that we would have been a very close family. You could say that but in most ways it was wrong. Constantly being rubbing elbows with your Mum and sisters can cause nasty conflicts. We had all sorts of arguments and fights that Mum even brought in a rule that you can’t argue unless you can back yourself when the other counters you.

Two years later we moved into an old house here in Kalbarri WA which our family had bought as an investment property. I gave up homeschooling and entered year 6 at Kalbarri DHS.

I am now 13 and in year 8.

  • My Mum pulled us out of school when I entered year 1. From there on she homeschooled us until 2014 when we stopped travelling and she put us in the local school. I was the first time I had been in a school for five years.
  • I have a dog (Fibi), two fish, four chickens and a frog that visits our pond just to wake me up at night.
  • I like to play video games, my favourite game is Rocket League.
  • I have two sisters, named Grace (14) and Audrey (8).
  • My Mum studies Ayurvedic Medicine, she will hopefully finish studying this year.
  • I love to listen to music, music is my passion (I actually have many). I mainly listen to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) which include a large variety of music. EDM includes:
    • Trap
    • House
    • Deep House
    • Electro
    • Electronic
    • Techno
    • Dubstep
    • Progressive
    • Progressive House
    • Trance
    • Grime
    • Hard style
    • Moombahton
    • Juke
    • Breakbeat and more, but I’ll stop the list now because I could go on forever.

All of the main genres have subgenres and if I listed them all I would have about a hundred listings. The main genres of EDM are Trap, House, Electronic and Dubstep and the other genres are often forgotten about. EDM is allways created by a DJ, either post made on a computer or live to an audience with launchpads and turntables. I could go on for ages but i dont want to bore you with my passion of music, atleast I find it interesting.

 But don’t go thinking I’m one of those weirdos who listen to computer glitches and call it music. Because EDM is not that at all, and I don’t think people like that even exist. I do agree that ‘dubstep’ can be a bit full on on the ‘computer made’ sounds but thats just one genre. For those of you who think my taste is weird, these days rock, pop and all your ‘normal’ people’s music culture is actually dying out, where as EDM is coming more and more popular. If you have never heard of EDM i suggest you try listening to a song or two. My favourite songs would be: Light It Up – Major Lazer, Middle – DJ Snake, and Sing Me To Sleep – Alan Walker.

  • So coming back to me, I also like sketching. Not colouring, or painting, or anything, but sketching.
  • In the same year I transitioned from homeschooling to normal schooling I won numerous merit certificates and the science award at the end of the year. My Mum proved to be a good teacher.
  • I am a very creative person.
  • I don’t seem to fit in well in most places. Sometimes I still find myself excluded from things around my best friends. I am different, sometimes quirky, smart and not as inappropriate as some other kids. That seems to be the problem sometimes.
  • I can play three instruments. Guitar, Drums and Piano. I can play four if you count using a program on a computer to bind different notes and sounds to make music. I would think I’m well on my way to becoming a DJ.
  • All of my family live in WA, apart from one of my Aunties, she lives in Dubai.
  • Another fact is that I want to be a DJ when I am older. Its not the fame that I want but just to be able to use my creativity in someway that I can really enjoy.
  • I am also into cars, I’ll stare at a picture of a cool car for half an hour if you let me. My favourite car brand would either be Audi or Maserati, or maybe Ferrari. Funny, they all end in ‘i’.
  • My best friend lives in Perth and we have been friends since kindergarten. We went to school together in Woodlands (Perth) for three years before I moved. Two years ago we reunited at the Busselton jetty and ever since we have been taking turns each holiday to travel almost 700km to stay a week with each other.
  • My favourite food is pizza, nachos, tacos and almost any type of curry. I quite like spicy things but not too spicy or I wont eat it.
  • I am not a rough person. Non-contact sports are more my style, another reason I am sometimes excluded.
  • I don’t work well in classrooms. You can set me an assignment to complete in 40 minutes in-class and I will write a few sentences. But if you set me an assignment at home for 40 minutes I will write a page or two. I can get distracted sometimes but its usually that I cant work properly with people around me, even if its not very noisy.
  • Though I don’t like contact sports I am very good at tennis. Some holidays I travel down to Perth to compete in tournaments with my friend Beau.
  • My Mum has a disease called Coeliac disease which means she is hypersensitive to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, triticale and oats which means it is found in majority of shelf food items.
  • On my Dad’s side of the family I have never known and I am still unsure of what my great grandparents names were. From my Dad’s side I am fully Australian for as far as our family knows. On my Mum’s side my great grandparents were Ukrainian (Mum’s, mum’s, parents) and I am unsure of my pop’s parents (Mum’s, dad’s parents).
  • My grandfather died from a spine infection when I was eight.
  • I can never decide what my true favourite thing is. Whether its a colour, a number, a photo or which floor tile looks best. (I know, I do that when I’m bored)
  • I think my favourite number would have to start with 3, have three numbers and be a multiple of three. Or maybe my favourite number should just be three.
  • I think my favourite is blue, or yellow… Turquoise is nice too, something in the middle.
  • What’s funny is that my great grandmother lasted longer than my grandfather. She died two months ago (6/16) two days after she turned 90. It was unfortunate that none of us living in Kalbarri were able to travel to Perth for her funeral.
  • I never used to enjoy reading but I’ve finally found a good book series that I like. It’s called The Last Thirteen and its about thirteen teenagers who are able to dream the future. They have to use their powers to save the world.
  • When the weather is right I like to go body boarding at Jaques Beach. I’m not too good but I just do it for the fun.
  • I am also into video creation and editing.
  • My favourite animals are dogs and birds. I am very good at drawing birds but dogs, not so much.
  • Two months ago I went to a state tennis knockout tournament in Perth with the best junior tennis players from Kalbarri Northampton and Geraldton. Unfortunately I did not make a placing on the leader board but I wasn’t expecting to knowing that it was my first statewide tournament and all of the people I versed were older than me and trained almost every day.
  • I not very organised. My desk is always messy, my brain is always off exploring past my eyes glued looking at a position on the poster in the back of the classroom.
  • These facts aren’t in any general order, just the way they popped out of my head.
  • The last fact is that when I write stories about our travels I write in half non-fiction and half fiction to make the parts that were true more interesting. So don’t read and think that its all true because if it sounds fake it probably is.

If you managed to stay interested the whole time while reading my facts  then I am surprised. I got a little sleepy myself on about the third one, felt like it wouldn’t end.

So now onto my my blog

Welcome to my student blog which was set up by my English teacher Ms Flannery. My blog is linked to our English class blog which you probably went through to reach my blog.

In my blog I will write about many different things, sometimes about my holidays, maybe about a picture I like, something I like, but mostly I’ll write about the places I visited when I travelled around Australia with my family.

At the moment I am writing about our travels to Dirk Hartog Island. I am aiming to write at least 10 parts to my story about Dirk Hartog Island to cover most of the things I did over the 14 weeks I stayed there for. (Dirk Hartog Island was by far our favourite place we visited and that’s why we stayed there so long.)

For future posts about our travels I would like to write about:

  1. Mardie Station – Exmouth – Karratha (General area)(WA)
  2. Ningaloo Reef (WA)
  3. Great Australian Bight (WA-SA)
  4. Sydney
  5. Tasmania (Probably series posts)
  6. Point Lincoln (SA)
  7. The Mango Man (Not a place)(SA)
  8. Gold Coast – Brisbane (Maybe series posts)
  9. Geelong – Melbourne
  10. Bundaberg – Townsville – Cairns (QLD)
  11. Cape York
  12. Alice Springs – Uluru (Ayers Rock)(NT)
  13. Lake Eyre (SA)
  14. Lakes Entrance (VIC)
  15. Great Dividing Range (Probably series post) (VIC-NSW)
  16. Snowy River NP – Kosciusko NP (VIC-NSW)
  17. Albury – Wagga Wagga (General area) (VIC-NSW)
  18. Cowra – Bathurst – Dubbo – Orange (General area) (NSW)
  19. Broome (WA)
  20. Karijini NP (WA)

These are just the main highlights of our travels, compared to everywhere we’ve been, its just scraping the cream off the top of the milk. I may have set myself up for a challenge but I’ll try to get as many up on my blog as possible.